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Roxen.git/server/base_server/module.pike:1233:    DAVLock lock,    RequestID|int(0..0) id);      //! Checks that the conditions specified by the WebDAV @expr{"If"@}   //! header are fulfilled on the given path (RFC 2518 9.4). This means   //! that locks are checked as necessary using @[check_locks].   //!   //! WARNING: This function has some design issues and will very likely   //! get a different interface. Compatibility is NOT guaranteed.   //! - //! @param path - //! Path (below the filesystem location) that the lock applies to. + //! @param relative_path + //! Path (below the filesystem location) to check the if header for.   //!   //! @param recursive   //! If @expr{1@} also check write access recursively under @[path].   //!   //! @returns   //! Returns @expr{0@} (zero) on success, a status mapping on   //! failure, or @expr{1@} if @[recursive] is set and write access is   //! allowed on this level but maybe not somewhere below. The caller   //! should in the last case do the operation on this level if   //! possible and then handle each member in the directory