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Roxen.git/server/base_server/roxen.pike:3692: Inside #if undefined(__NT__)
  protected void low_engage_abs()   {    report_debug("**** %s: ABS exiting roxen!\n\n",    ctime(time()) - "\n");    _exit(1); // It might not quit correctly otherwise, if it's    // locked up. Note that this also inhibits the delay    // caused by the possible automatic installation of    // any pending patches.   }    - protected void engage_abs(int n) + void engage_abs(int n)   {    if (!query("abs_engage")) {    abs_started = 0;    report_debug("Anti-Block System Disabled.\n");    return;    }    report_debug("**** %s: ABS engaged!\n"    "Waited more than %d minute(s).\n",    ctime(time()) - "\n",    query("abs_timeout"));