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Roxen.git/server/base_server/roxen.pike:5503:   //int s = gethrtime();    _configuration = (program)"configuration";    dump( "base_server/configuration.pike" );    dump( "base_server/rxmlhelp.pike" );       // Override the one from prototypes.pike    add_constant( "Configuration", _configuration );   //report_debug( "[Configuration: %.2fms] ", (gethrtime()-s)/1000.0);   }    - mixed get_locale( ) + string get_locale( )   {    return locale->get();   }      int set_u_and_gid (void|int from_handler_thread)   //! Set the uid and gid to the ones requested by the user. If the   //! sete* functions are available, and the define SET_EFFECTIVE is   //! enabled, the euid and egid is set. This might be a minor security   //! hole, but it will enable roxen to start CGI scripts with the   //! correct permissions (the ones the owner of that script have).