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Roxen.git/server/config_actions/make_csr.pike:1:   /* -  * $Id: make_csr.pike,v 1.9 1999/02/15 23:23:27 per Exp $ +  * $Id: make_csr.pike,v 1.10 1999/03/02 17:58:59 nisse Exp $    */      inherit "wizard";      import Standards.PKCS;   import Standards.ASN1.Encode;      #if 0   #define WERROR werror   #else
Roxen.git/server/config_actions/make_csr.pike:181:    "Browsers will compare the URL they are connecting to with "    "the Common Name in the server's certificate, and warn the user "    "if they don't match.<p>"    "Some Certificate Authorities allow wild cards in the Common "    "Name. This means that you can have a certificate for "    "<tt>*</tt> which will match all servers at Idonex."    "Thawte allows wild card certificates, while VeriSign does not."    "</blockquote>");   }    + /* FIXME: Certificate attributes should be considered obsoleted by +  * X.509 v3. See RFC-2459. */   mixed page_2(object id, object mc)   {    return ("<font size=+1>Certificate Attributes?</font><p>"    "<blockquote>"    "An X.509 certificate associates a Common Name\n"    "with a public key. Some certificate authorities support\n"    "\"extended certificates\", defined in PKCS#10. An extended\n"    "certificate may contain other useful information associated\n"    "with the name and the key. This information is signed by the\n"    "CA, together with the X.509 certificate.\n"