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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/actions/ssl_common.pike:1:   /* -  * $Id: ssl_common.pike,v 1.9 2010/02/19 13:44:21 mast Exp $ +  * $Id$    */      #if constant (Nettle)      #include <roxen.h>   //<locale-token project="admin_tasks">LOCALE</locale-token>   #define LOCALE(X,Y) _STR_LOCALE("admin_tasks",X,Y)      #if 0   #define WERROR werror
Roxen.git/server/config_interface/actions/ssl_common.pike:170:    "</blockquote>"       "<b>"+LOCALE(105,"City/Locality")+"</b><br />\n"    "<var name='localityName' type='string' default='Stockholm'/><br />"    "<blockquote>"+    LOCALE(106, "The city or locality where you are registered. VeriSign "    "requires that at least one of the locality and the state "    "attributes are present. Do not abbreviate.")+ "</blockquote>"       "<b>"+LOCALE(107,"Organization/Company")+"</b><br />\n" -  "<var name='organizationName' type='string' default='Roxen IS'/><br />" +  "<var name='organizationName' type='string' default='Roxen AB'/><br />"    "<blockquote>"+    LOCALE(108, "The organization name under which you are registered with some "    "national or regional authority.")+ "</blockquote>"       "<b>"+LOCALE(109,"Organizational unit")+"</b><br />\n"    "<var name='organizationUnitName' type='string' "    "default='Roxen Development'/><br />"    "<blockquote>"+    LOCALE(110, "This attribute is optional, and there are no "    "specific requirements on the value of this attribute.")+ "</blockquote>"