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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/dbs/new_group.pike:36:   #"   <cf-title>"+_(450,"Create a new database group")+#"</cf-title>   "+_(451,#"<p>The groups are used mainly to group the databases in the   Administration interface, but also to indicate the default MySQL   server external databases will be created in.</p>      <p>If a group has a URL set, it will be used to select the database   server in which the database will be created. Please note that it   must be a MySQL server.</p>")+#"   [ERROR] - <p> +    <dl class='config-var no-border narrow'>    <dt class='name'>" + _(452,"ID") + #":</dt>    <dd class='value'>    <input name='name' value='&;' required=''/>    </dd>    <dd class='doc'>" +    _(453,"The identifier of the group. This is used internally in Roxen,"    " and must be unique. "    "If you leave it as automatic, an identifier is selected "    "automatically.")+#"