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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/sites/add_module.pike:215:   string format_locked_modules(array(ModuleInfo) locked_modules)   {    if(!sizeof(locked_modules))    return "";       return    "<font size='+1'>Locked modules</font><br />\n"    "These modules are locked and can not be enabled because they are "    "not part of the license key for this configuration.<br />\n"    "<blockquote><font color='darkred'>"+ -  (locked_modules->get_name()*"<br />\n")+"</font></blockquote>"; +  (((array(string))locked_modules->get_name())*"<br />\n")+"</font></blockquote>";   }      array(string) get_module_list( function describe_module,    function class_visible,    RequestID id )   {    object conf = roxen.find_configuration( id->variables->config );    object ec = roxenloader.LowErrorContainer();    int do_reload;    master()->set_inhibit_compile_errors( ec );