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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/sites/new_site.html:1: - <trans-reg project="roxen_config"/> +    <topmenu base="../" selected='sites'/>      <content>   <cv-leftside></cv-leftside>   <cv-split>   <subtablist><st-page>   <br />   <blockquote>      <define variable='var.common'>   <font color='&usr.warncolor;'>&var.error;<br /></font> -  <b><translate id="269">Site name:</translate></b> +  <b>Site name:</b>    <input name="name" value="&;" /><br />    <blockquote> -  <translate id="270"> +    The name of the configuration must contain characters   other than space and tab, it should not end with   ~, and it must not be 'CVS', 'Global Variables' or   'global variables', nor the name of an existing   configuration, and the character '/' cannot be   used. This name will show up in the sites menu, a   lowercased, filesystem-friendly version will become   the virtual server's configuration file name as well   as the name of its log file directory. - </translate> +    </blockquote>    - <translate id="248" variable="var.create_txt">Create new site</translate> - <translate id="271" variable="var.template_txt">with template</translate> + <set variable="var.create_txt">Create new site</set> + <set variable="var.template_txt">with template</set>      <submit-gbutton2 width='230' align_icon='right' icon_src='&;'   name="new_with_template">&var.create_txt; &var.template_txt;</submit-gbutton2>   <br />   <submit-gbutton2 width='230' align_icon='right' icon_src='&;'   name="new">&var.create_txt;</submit-gbutton2>   <br />   <cf-cancel href="./"/>   </define>   
Roxen.git/server/config_interface/sites/new_site.html:48:    <if variable=''>    <insert file='create_site.pike'/>    <redirect to='site.html/&;/' />    </if>    <else>    <eval>&var.common:none;</eval>    </else>    <true/>    </if>   </if> - <if variable='var.error is error'><define variable="var.error" preparse="1"><translate id="296">Illegal site name</translate></define><set variable="var.go" value='1' /></if> + <if variable='var.error is error'><define variable="var.error" preparse="1">Illegal site name</define><set variable="var.go" value='1' /></if>   <if not="1" variable=''><set variable="var.go" value='1' /></if>   <if variable='var.go'>    <eval>&var.common:none;</eval>   </if>      </st-page>   </subtablist>   </cv-split>   </content>