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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/sites/new_site.html:5:   <cv-split>   <subtablist><st-page>    <h1><translate id="248">Create new site</translate></h1>      <define variable='var.common'>    <if variable='var.error'>    <div class='notify error'>&var.error;</div>    </if>    <translate id="269" variable='var.sitename_txt'>Site name:</translate>    <input name="name" value="&;" id='site-name' -  placeholder='&var.sitename_txt;' size='60' /> +  placeholder='&var.sitename_txt;' size='60' required='' +  pattern='[ a-zA-Z0-9]+|(?!CVS)|(?!global variables)' />    <p><translate id="270">   The name of the configuration must contain characters other than space   and tab, it must not contain '?', '!', '/', '\', '~', '"', ''', '`',   '#', '$', '%', '&amp;', '=', ';', ':', '_', '&lt;', '&gt;', '|', '*',   and it must not be 'CVS', 'Global Variables' or 'global variables',   nor the name of an existing configuration. This name will show up in   the sites menu, a lowercased, filesystem-friendly version will become   the virtual server's configuration file name as well as the name of   its log file directory.   </translate></p>