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Roxen.git/server/config_interface/whatsnew-pike.html:64:    The pike binary can be started with the flag --features    which will make it return a list of all "features"    available. The subjective definition of a feature is    something that depends on an external library, special    features in the OS/hardware or extra compile options.      <p>       More or less the same information is also available as an task in    the - <a href='actions/?action=feature_list.pike&class=debug_info'>Administration + <a href='actions/?action=feature_list.pike&amp;class=debug_info&amp;&usr.set-wiz-id;'>Administration    interface.</a>   </new-feature>         <new-feature name='--info'>       The --info flag shows, in addition to the feature list, some version    and environment information about the pike binary. An example:      <pre>
Roxen.git/server/config_interface/whatsnew-pike.html:108:    Image.TTF    Image.PNG    Java    Mird    Mysql   </pre>   </new-feature>          - <new-feature name='All constructor/destructor and operator overloading functions (LFUNs) may now be static.'> + <new-feature name='All constructor/destructor and operator overloading functions (LFUNs) may now be protected.'>       Callbacks used for overloading, as well as create and -  destroy, may now be declared as static. +  destroy, may now be declared as protected.   </new-feature>         <new-feature name='Improved error diagnostics.'>    The Pike compiler will now provide better error messages, i.e.    more specific than "parse error" in many more cases than before.   </new-feature>         <new-feature name='Improved optimization.'>
Roxen.git/server/config_interface/whatsnew-pike.html:199:   </pre>   </new-feature>      <new-feature name='Support for implicit create().'>       The following two class definitions are equivalent:   <pre>    class Foo    {    int a; -  static string b; +  protected string b;    -  static void create(int _a, string _b) +  protected void create(int _a, string _b)    {    a = _a;    b = _b;    }    }    -  class Foo(int a, static string b) +  class Foo(int a, protected string b)    {    }   </pre>   </new-feature>            <new-feature name='Support for local constants.'>       Constants can now be defined inside functions.