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Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:1: - # $Id: extensions,v 1.17 1997/08/30 15:57:40 peter Exp $ + # $Id: extensions,v 1.18 1997/10/16 12:17:46 grubba Exp $   # name="Extension database";   # doc="The database used to map from extension to mime-type (example: *.gif to image/gif)";   #      aif audio/x-aiff   aifc audio/x-aiff   aiff audio/x-aiff   au audio/basic   m3u audio/x-mpegurl   mid audio/midi
Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:35:   pbm image/x-portable-bitmap   pgm image/x-portable-graymap   pict image/pict   pjpg image/jpeg   png image/x-png   pnm image/x-portable-anymap   ppm image/x-portable-pixmap   ras image/x-cmu-raster   rgb image/x-rgb   rs image/x-sun-raster + tga image/x-targa   tif image/tiff   tiff image/tiff   xbm image/x-xbitmap   xpm image/x-xpixmap   xwd image/x-xwindowdump      anim3 video/x-anim   anim5 video/x-anim   anim7 video/x-anim   anim8 video/x-anim