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Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:1: - # $Id: extensions,v 1.31 1998/06/24 19:07:59 grubba Exp $ + # $Id: extensions,v 1.32 1998/12/31 21:59:24 neotron Exp $   # name="Extension database";   # doc="The database used to map from extension to mime-type (example: *.gif to image/gif)";   #      aif audio/x-aiff   aifc audio/x-aiff   aiff audio/x-aiff   au audio/basic   m3u audio/x-mpegurl   mid audio/midi
Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:94:      aab application/x-authorware-bin   aam application/x-authorware-map   aas application/x-authorware-seg   ai application/postscript   arj application/octet-stream   asn application/astound   asp application/x-asap   bcpio application/x-bcpio   bin application/octet-stream + cairn application/x-cairn   cert application/x-x509-ca-cert   cer application/x-x509-ca-cert   cdf application/x-netcdf   cdr application/x-coreldraw   cdrw application/x-coreldraw   chat application/x-chat   class application/x-java-vm   com application/octet-stream   cpio application/x-cpio   csh application/x-csh
Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:117:   doc application/msword   donut application/donut   drv application/octet-stream   dvi application/x-dvi   eps application/postscript   evy application/x-envoy   exe application/octet-stream   gtar application/x-gtar   hdf application/x-hdf   hqx application/mac-binhex40 + ips application/x-ipscript + ipx application/x-ipix   iw application/iconauthor   iwm application/iconauthor   jar application/x-java-archive   js application/x-javascript   latex application/x-latex   lha application/lha   lzh application/lha   man application/x-troff-man   map application/x-imagemap   me application/x-troff-me   mif application/x-mif   mm application/x-meme   ms application/x-troff-ms   msw application/binary   mw application/math   nc application/x-netcdf   oda application/oda   pdf application/pdf   pfr application/font-tdpfr -  + pics application/pics-service   pl application/x-perl   # Oracle plug-ins   po application/x-form   pot application/mspowerpoint   ppt application/mspowerpoint   ppz application/mspowerpoint   pps application/mspowerpoint   ps application/postscript -  + qrt application/quest   quake application/x-qplug-plugin   roff application/x-troff   rtf application/rtf   sh application/x-sh   shar application/x-shar   sit application/x-stuffit   so application/octet-stream   spl application/futuresplash   spr application/x-sprite   sprite application/x-sprite   src application/x-wais-source   sv4cpic application/x-sv4cpio   sv4crc application/x-sv4crc   swf application/x-shockwave-flash   t application/x-troff   tar application/unix-tar -  + tbk application/toolbook   tcl application/x-tcl   tex application/x-tex   texi application/x-texinfo   texinfo application/x-texinfo   tgz application/unix-tar x-gzip   tr application/x-troff   tsp application/dsptype   user application/x-x509-user-cert   usr application/x-x509-user-cert   ustar application/x-ustar   vcd application/x-cdlink   vmd application/vocaltec-media-desc   vmf application/vocaltec-media-file   wpc application/wpc -  + xcf application/x-gimp   xls application/   zip application/zip      # This one hasn't been registred with IANA yet, but is added anyway.   # LivePicture PhotoVista RealSpace   ivr i-world/i-vrml    -  + vrml x-world/x-vrml   wrl x-world/x-vrml   wrml x-world/x-vrml      talk plugin/talker      # Diskmasher -- Amiga thingie   dms application/x-diskmasher      # Windows Write   wri application/x-write
Roxen.git/server/etc/extensions:210:   nspc application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig   pac application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig      # Certificate Authority Certificate (recognized at least by Netscape)   ca_cert application/x-x509-ca-cert      # This is supposed to be just 'gzip' and 'compress', but Netscape   # barfs.. Fixed in Netscape 3.*, but quite a lot of people still run 2.*   Z STRIP x-compress   gz STRIP x-gzip + bz STRIP x-bzip      uu STRIP uuencode   b64 STRIP base64