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Roxen.git/server/etc/modules/Logger.pmod:123:    //! injected into this logger up the chain. By default, this logger    //! does not log at it's own level if a parent logger is given. Instead,    //! it will simply add its defaults and pass the complete log entry up    //! to the parent which is then responsible for handling the actual logging.    void create(void|string logger_name, void|mapping|function defaults, void|object parent_logger) {    set_defaults(defaults);    this_program::parent_logger = parent_logger;    set_name(logger_name);    }    -  this_program child(string logger_name, void|mapping|function defaults) { +  this_program child(void|string logger_name, void|mapping|function defaults) { +  if (logger_name)    logger_name = combine_path_unix(this_program::logger_name, logger_name); -  +  else +  logger_name = this_program::logger_name;    this_program new_logger = object_program(this)(logger_name, defaults, this);    return new_logger;    }   }      // Output to all listeners on a Unix socket somewhere.   //   // Note: Any object using this class should have unbind_all() called   // before the end of its life cycle to avoid leaving socket files on   // disk. destroy() will also take care of this, but isn't always