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Roxen.git/server/etc/modules/PropertySet.pike:518:   //! The default implementation currently does not support setting   //! of dead properties, and will return an error code.   //!   //! @note   //! RFC 2518: Dead Property - A property whose semantics and syntax   //! are not enforced by the server. The server only records the   //! value of a dead property; the client is responsible for   //! maintaining the consistency of the syntax and semantics of a   //! dead property.   mapping(string:mixed) set_dead_property(string prop_name, -  array(SimpleNode) value) +  string|array(SimpleNode) value)   {    return Roxen.http_status (Protocols.HTTP.HTTP_METHOD_INVALID,    "Setting of dead properties is not supported.");   }      //! Attempt to remove the property @[prop_name].   //!   //! @note   //! Actual removal of the property should be done first   //! when @[commit()] is called, or unrolled