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Roxen.git/server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:6359:   //! is also logged in this case, unless @[no_warn] is nonzero.   //!   //! The given path is assumed to be absolute, and it is normalized   //! with @[combine_path] before being checked. The returned paths   //! always have "/" as directory separators. If there is a trailing   //! slash then it is kept intact.   //!   //! If @[charset] is set then charset conversion is done: @[path] is   //! assumed to be a (possibly wide) unicode string in NFC, and @[charset] is   //! taken as the charset used in the file system. The returned path is - //! a unicode string as well. If @[charset] isn't specified then no - //! charset conversion is done anywhere, which means that @[path] must - //! have the same charset as the file system, and the case insensitive - //! comparisons only work in as far as @[lower_case] does the right - //! thing with that charset. + //! a unicode string as well. If @[charset] isn't specified then it + //! and the filesystem are assumed to be in utf-8, and the result will + //! be utf-8 encoded.   //!   //! If @[charset] is given then it's assumed to be a charset accepted   //! by @[Charset]. If there are charset conversion errors in @[path]   //! or in the file system then those paths are treated as nonexisting.   //!   //! @note   //! Existing paths are cached without any time limit, but the cached   //! paths are always verified to still exist before being reused. Thus   //! the only overcaching effect that can occur is if the underlying   //! file system is case insensitive and some path segment only has   //! changed in case.   {    ASSERT_IF_DEBUG (is_absolute_path (path));       string cache_name = "case_insens_paths";       function(string:string) encode, decode;    switch (charset && lower_case(charset)) {    case 0: -  +  // NB: NT has a filesystem that uses UTF-16. + #ifndef __NT__ +  return string_to_utf8(this_function(utf8_to_string(path), no_warn, "utf8")); + #endif    break;    case "utf8":    case "utf-8":    encode = string_to_utf8;    decode = utf8_to_string;    cache_name += ":utf8";    break;    default:    Charset.Encoder enc = Charset.encoder (charset);    Charset.Decoder dec = Charset.decoder (charset);