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Roxen.git/server/etc/test/config/Test_server_1:1:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>   <roxen-config>      <region name='EnabledModules'>    <var name='contenttypes#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='directories#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='filesystem#0'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='filesystem#1'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='htaccess#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='roxen_test#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='rxmlparse#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='rxmltags#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='additional_rxml#0'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='sqltag#0'> <int>1</int> </var> -  +  <var name='webdav#0'> <int>1</int> </var>   </region>      <region name='contenttypes#0'>    <var name='_priority'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='default'> <str>application/octet-stream</str> </var>    <var name='exts'><str># This will include the defaults from a file.   # Feel free to add to this, but do it after the #include   # line if you want to override any defaults      #include %3cetc/extensions%3e</str></var>
Roxen.git/server/etc/test/config/Test_server_1:55:    <str>.www_not_browsable</str>    <str>.nodiraccess</str>    </a></var>    <var name='path_encoding'> <str>iso-8859-1</str> </var>    <var name='put'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='searchpath'> <str>etc/test/filesystem/</str> </var>    <var name='stat_cache'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='tilde'> <int>0</int> </var>   </region>    + <region name='filesystem#1'> +  <var name='.files'> <int>0</int> </var> +  <var name='access_as_user'> <int>0</int> </var> +  <var name='access_as_user_db'> <str> all</str> </var> +  <var name='access_as_user_throw'> <int>0</int> </var> +  <var name='charset'> <str>iso-8859-1</str> </var> +  <var name='check_auth'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='delete'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='dir'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='internal_files'><a> +  <str>*.inv</str> +  </a></var> +  <var name='mountpoint'> <str>/webdav/</str> </var> +  <var name='no-parse'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='no_symlinks'> <int>0</int> </var> +  <var name='nobrowse'><a> +  <str>.www_not_browsable</str> +  <str>.nodiraccess</str> +  </a></var> +  <var name='path_encoding'> <str>utf-8</str> </var> +  <var name='put'> <int>1</int> </var> +  <var name='searchpath'> <str>$VARDIR/testsuite/webdav/</str> </var> +  <var name='stat_cache'> <int>0</int> </var> +  <var name='tilde'> <int>0</int> </var> + </region> +  + <region name='htaccess#0'> +  <var name='denyhtlist'><a> +  <str>.htaccess</str> +  <str>.htpasswd</str> +  <str>.htgroup</str> +  </a></var> +  <var name='file'> <str>.htaccess</str> </var> + </region> +    <region name='roxen_test#0'>    <var name='selftestdir'> <str>etc/test</str> </var>   </region>      <region name='rxmlparse#0'>    <var name='logerrorsp'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='logerrorsr'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='parse_exec'> <int>1</int> </var>    <var name='quietp'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='quietr'> <int>0</int> </var>
Roxen.git/server/etc/test/config/Test_server_1:155:      <region name='sqltag#0'>    <var name='allow_module_dbs'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='allow_sql_urls'> <int>0</int> </var>    <var name='allowed_dbs'> <str>local</str> </var>    <var name='charset'> <str></str> </var>    <var name='db'> <str> none</str> </var>    <var name='hostname'> <str>mysql://localhost/</str> </var>   </region>    + <region name='webdav#0'> + </region> +    </roxen-config>