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Roxen.git/server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1:   // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 1996 - 2001, Roxen IS.      // This is a virtual "file-system".   // It will be located somewhere in the name-space of the server.   // Also inherited by some of the other filesystems.      inherit "module";   inherit "socket";    - constant cvs_version= "$Id: filesystem.pike,v 1.112 2001/09/21 09:52:09 per Exp $"; + constant cvs_version= "$Id: filesystem.pike,v 1.113 2001/09/27 17:53:43 nilsson Exp $";   constant thread_safe=1;      #include <module.h>   #include <roxen.h>   #include <stat.h>   #include <request_trace.h>         //<locale-token project="mod_filesystem">LOCALE</locale-token>   #define LOCALE(X,Y) _DEF_LOCALE("mod_filesystem",X,Y)
Roxen.git/server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:143:    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(36,"If set, the module will access files as the authenticated "    "user. This assumes that a authentication module which imports"    " the users from the operating systems, such as the <i>User "    "database</i> module is used. This option is very useful for "    "named FTP sites, but it will have severe performance impacts "    "since all threads will be locked for each access."));       defvar("access_as_user_db",    Variable.UserDBChoice( " all", VAR_MORE, -  LOCALE(0,"Authentication database to use"), -  LOCALE(36,"The User database module to use " +  LOCALE(53,"Authentication database to use"), +  LOCALE(54,"The User database module to use "    "when authenticating users for the "    "access file as the logged in user "    "feature."),    my_configuration()));       defvar( "access_as_user_throw", 0, -  LOCALE(0,"Access files as the logged in user forces login"), +  LOCALE(55,"Access files as the logged in user forces login"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  LOCALE(0,"If true, a user will have to be logged in to access files in " +  LOCALE(56,"If true, a user will have to be logged in to access files in "    "this filesystem") );       defvar("no_symlinks", 0, LOCALE(37,"Forbid access to symlinks"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(38,"It set, the file system will not follow symbolic links. "    "This option can lower performace by a lot." ));       defvar("charset", "iso-8859-1", LOCALE(39,"File contents charset"),    TYPE_STRING,    LOCALE(40,"The charset of the contents of the files on this file "