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Roxen.git/server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:18:   // icon-data -- inline icon data   // align -- left|center|right text alignment   // align-icon -- left|center-before|center-after|right icon alignment   // valign-icon -- above|middle|below icon vertical alignment   // >Button text</gbutton>   //   // Alignment restriction: when text alignment is either left or right, icons   // must also be aligned left or right.       - constant cvs_version = "$Id: gbutton.pike,v 1.101 2003/10/16 11:46:15 anders Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id: gbutton.pike,v 1.102 2003/10/30 12:58:50 anders Exp $";   constant thread_safe = 1;      #include <module.h>   inherit "module";      roxen.ImageCache button_cache;   int do_ext;      constant module_type = MODULE_TAG;   constant module_name = "Graphics: GButton";
Roxen.git/server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:116: Inside #if defined(manual)
  <attr name='width' value=''><p>    Minimum button width.</p>   </attr>      <attr name='align' value='left|center|right'><p>    Set text alignment. There are some alignment restrictions: when text    alignment is either <i>left</i> or <i>right</i>, icons must    also be aligned <i>left</i> or <i>right</i>.</p>   </attr>    + <attr name='img-align' value=''><p> +  Alignment passed on to the resulting <tag>img</tag>.</p> + </attr> +    <attr name='state' value='enabled|disabled'><p>    Set to <i>enabled</i> or <i>disabled</i> to select button state.</p>   </attr>      <attr name='icon-src' value='URI'><p>    Fetch the icon from this URI.</p>   </attr>      <attr name='icon-data' value=''><p>    Inline icon data.</p>