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Roxen.git/server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1:   // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 1996 - 2000, Roxen IS.   //    - constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.272 2001/07/25 15:14:58 jhs Exp $"; + constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.273 2001/08/13 16:00:36 mast Exp $";      #include <module.h>   inherit "module";         // ------------------- Module registration ---------------------      constant module_type = MODULE_TAG;   constant module_name = "Graphics: Graphic text";   constant module_doc =
Roxen.git/server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:62: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name='bevel' value='width'><p>    Draws a bevel-box around the text.</p>    <ex type=vert>   <gtext bevel=\"2\">Ok</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>      <attr name='bgcolor' value='color'><p> -  Sets the background color. Normally taken from the normal HTML tags -  in your document (Currently: body, table, tr or td).</p> +  Sets the background color. If the module \"HTML color wiretap\" is +  loaded, they are taken from the normal HTML tags in your document, +  like body, table, tr and td.</p>       <p>If you set the background color, it is probably best to add the    notrans attribute as well.</p>    <ex type=vert>   <gtext notrans=\"\" bgcolor=\"pink\">Pink</gtext>   <gtext notrans=\"\" bgcolor=\"#ff0000\">Red</gtext>   <gtext notrans=\"\" bgcolor=\"%50,0,100,0\">%50,0,100,0</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>