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Roxen.git/server/modules/misc/periodic-fetcher.pike:1:   // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 2012, Roxen IS.      #include <module.h>   inherit "module";    - constant cvs_version = "$Id: periodic-fetcher.pike,v 1.3 2012/12/17 14:48:38 wellhard Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id$";   constant thread_safe = 1;   constant module_type = MODULE_ZERO;      LocaleString module_name = "Periodic Fetcher";   LocaleString module_doc =   #"<p>The module fetches a list of URLs periodically. The periodicity can   be specified per URL. The main purpose is to populate caches and keep   them warm. </p>      <p>The list of URLs is specified in a file in the site itself. This