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Roxen.git/server/modules/misc/randomtext.pike:53:   // called.   //   // ... any yes, this module was a quick hack for amusement and for   // use in some courses to help provide dummy contents for new sites,   // so don't use this as a model for how to write Roxen modules.      inherit "module";      #include <module.h>    - string version = "$Id: randomtext.pike,v 1.7 2001/09/03 18:31:05 nilsson Exp $"; + string version = "$Id: randomtext.pike,v 1.8 2002/06/05 10:13:17 nilsson Exp $";      constant module_type = MODULE_TAG;   constant module_name = "Random Text";   constant module_doc =    "This module provides a simple way of generating texts on a "    "semi-random basis according to a set of rules. Apart from its "    "amusement value, this can be useful for testing and educational "    "purposes, such as generating small quiz pages or producing "    "many different kinds of input for testing text processing tags.";      mapping text_cache = ([ ]);      string recentfile = "(none)", recenterror = "(none)", recentdiag = "(none)";   int recentsteps, recenttagtime;      string searchpath;      void create()   { -  defvar("searchpath", "etc/randomtext", "Rules File Search Path", TYPE_DIR, +  defvar("searchpath", "data/randomtext", "Rules File Search Path", TYPE_DIR,    "This is the location in the real file system where the random "    "text module will look for rule files.");       defvar("searchcwd", 0, "Search Document Directory", TYPE_FLAG,    "If this option is enabled, the module will search the current "    "directory for rule files before trying the general rules file "    "search path.");       defvar("flushcache", 3, "Minutes Between Cache Flushes", TYPE_MULTIPLE_INT,    "This is the number of minutes that should pass between each "