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Roxen.git/server/modules/tags/insert_cached_href.pike:54:    LOCALE(0, "The timeout when fetching data from a server. In seconds, minutes, "    "hours or days."));       defvar("update-interval", "1 minute", LOCALE(0, "Update interval"),    TYPE_STRING|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(0, "States how often the module will check if the database needs to "    "be updated. In seconds, minutes, hours or days."));       defvar("recursion_limit", 2, LOCALE(0, "Maximum recursion depth"),    TYPE_INT|VAR_MORE, -  LOCALE(0,"Maxumum number of nested <tt>&lt;insert cached-href&gt;</tt>'s " +  LOCALE(0,"Maximum number of nested <tt>&lt;insert cached-href&gt;</tt>'s "    "allowed. May be set to zero to disable the limit."));   }         void start(int occasion, Configuration conf) {    DWRITE("start(), occasion: " + occasion);       if (occasion == 0) {    href_database = HrefDatabase();   #ifdef THREADS