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Roxen.git/server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1:   /* -  * $Id: sqltag.pike,v 1.31 1998/09/30 23:11:29 js Exp $ +  * $Id: sqltag.pike,v 1.32 1998/11/02 12:35:29 mast Exp $    *    * A module for Roxen Challenger, which gives the tags    * <SQLQUERY> and <SQLOUTPUT>.    *    * Henrik Grubbström 1997-01-12    */    - constant cvs_version="$Id: sqltag.pike,v 1.31 1998/09/30 23:11:29 js Exp $"; + constant cvs_version="$Id: sqltag.pike,v 1.32 1998/11/02 12:35:29 mast Exp $";   constant thread_safe=1;   #include <module.h>      /* Compatibility with old versions of the sqltag module. */   // #define SQL_TAG_COMPAT      inherit "module";   inherit "roxenlib";      import Array;
Roxen.git/server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:31:   {    return( ({ MODULE_PARSER|MODULE_PROVIDER,    "SQL-module",    "This module gives the three tags &lt;SQLQUERY&gt;, "    "&lt;SQLOUTPUT&gt;, and &lt;SQLTABLE&gt;.<br>\n"    "Usage:<ul>\n"    "<table border=0>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>&lt;sqloutput&gt;</b></td>"    "<td>Executes an SQL-query, and "    "replaces #-quoted fieldnames with the results. # is " -  "quoted as ##. The content inbetween &lt;sqloutput&gt; and " +  "quoted as ##. The content between &lt;sqloutput&gt; and "    "&lt;/sqloutput&gt; is repeated once for every row in the "    "result.</td></tr>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>&lt;sqlquery&gt;</b></td>\n"    "<td>Executes an SQL-query, but "    "doesn't do anything with the result. This is useful if "    "you do queries like INSERT and CREATE.</td></tr>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>&lt;sqltable&gt;</td>"    "<td>Executes an SQL-query, and makes "    "an HTML-table from the result.</td></tr>\n"    "</table></ul>\n"    "The following attributes are used by the above tags:<ul>\n"    "<table border=0>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>query</b></td>" -  "<td>The actual SQL-query. (<b>REQUIERED</b>)</td></tr>\n" +  "<td>The actual SQL-query. (<b>REQUIRED</b>)</td></tr>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>host<b></td>"    "<td>The hostname of the machine the SQL-server runs on.<br>\n"    "This argument can also be used to specify which SQL-server "    "to use by specifying an \"SQL-URL\":<br><ul>\n"    "<pre>[<i>sqlserver</i>://][[<i>user</i>][:<i>password</i>]@]"    "[<i>host</i>[:<i>port</i>]]/<i>database</i></pre><br>\n"    "</ul>Valid values for \"sqlserver\" depend on which "    "sql-servers your pike has support for, but the following "    "might exist: msql, mysql, odbc, oracle, postgres.</td></tr>\n"    "<tr><td valign=top><b>database</b></td>"
Roxen.git/server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:75:    "<td>If specified, SQL-errors will be kept quiet.</td></tr>\n"    "</table></ul><p>\n"    "The &lt;sqltable&gt; tag has an additional attribute "    "<b>ascii</b>, which generates a tab-separated table (usefull "    "with eg the &lt;diagram&gt; tag).<p>\n"    "\n"    "<b>NOTE</b>: Specifying passwords in the documents may prove "    "to be a security hole if the module is not loaded for some "    "reason.<br>\n"    "<b>SEE ALSO</b>: The &lt;FORMOUTPUT&gt; tag can be " -  "usefull to generate the queries.<br>\n", +  "useful to generate the queries.<br>\n",    0,    1 }) );   }      /*    * Tag handlers    */      string sqloutput_tag(string tag_name, mapping args, string contents,    object request_id, object f,