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Roxen.git/server/start:390:    once=2    debug=0    ;;    --package)    pass="$pass --package=$2"    shift    ;;    --package=*)    pass="$pass $1"    ;; +  --customer) +  pass="$pass --package=customers/$2" +  shift +  ;; +  --customer=*) +  pass="$pass --package=customers/`echo $1 | sed -e's/^--customer=//'`" +  ;;    '--program')    program="$2"    once=2    passhelp=1    keep_mysql=1    shift    shift    # Pass any remaining arguments along to the program.    while [ ! c"$1" = "c" ] ; do    pass="$pass '`echo \"$1\" | sed -e \"s/'/'\\\"'\\\"'/g\"`'"
Roxen.git/server/start:560:    do not start the rest of Roxen. May be    combined with --stop.       .B--gdbB.: Run the server in gdb. Implies .B--onceB..       .B--valgrind[=valgrind args]B.: Run the server in valgrind. Implies .B--onceB..       .B--package=DIRB.: Add optional package to the Roxen    search path.    +  .B--customer=CUSTB.: Add package customers/CUST to the +  Roxen search path. +     .B--programB.: Start a different program with the Roxen    Pike. As an example,    .B./start --program bin/install.pikeB. will    start the installation program normally    started with .B./installB.       .B--with-debugB.: Enable debug       .B--without-debugB.: Disable all debug. This is the default.