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Roxen.git/server/start:140:   The file:   oo    ls -l $sdfile    noshutdown="yes"    else    noshutdown=""    fi       echo "Server restart at `date`"    rotate $LOGDIR/debug/$FILES -  start_roxen +  start_roxen 2>>$LOGDIR/debug/$FILES.1 1>&2    if [ -z "$noshutdown" ] ; then    if [ -f "$sdfile" ] ; then      # A shutdown file. This is only done if Roxen cannot kill this script   # for some reason, the most common beeing the lack of a seteuid()   # function, in which case Roxen will write this file.   #   # The contents of the file is the actual PID Roxen got when it was   # started. This could be used to verify that this was the correct   # shutdown file, but since it is extremely unlikely that two