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Roxen.git/server/start:141:      gdb=no   valgrind=   truss=      daemonize=yes      remove_dumped_passed=no      module_hot_reload= + module_hot_reload_conf=      remove_old_dot_o_files () {    dp "Removing old precompiled files ($1)"    # This really cannot be done from here anymore -- pass on an option    # to roxenloader instead.       # Make sure that the argument isn't duplicated for every restart...    if [ "x$remove_dumped_passed" = "xyes" ]; then :; else    pass="$pass --remove-dumped"    remove_dumped_passed=yes
Roxen.git/server/start:341:    GENERATIONS=5    fi    ;;    --module-hot-reload=*)    if test "x$module_hot_reload" = "x"; then    DEFINES="-DMODULE_HOT_RELOAD $DEFINES"    fi    mod=`echo $1 | sed -e 's/--module-hot-reload=//'`    module_hot_reload="$mod $module_hot_reload"    ;; +  --module-hot-reload-conf=*) +  mod=`echo $1 | sed -e 's/--module-hot-reload-conf=//'` +  module_hot_reload_conf="$mod $module_hot_reload_conf" +  ;;    '--quiet'|'-q')    verbose=0    ;;    '--verbose'|'-v')    verbose=2    debug=1    ;;    '--remove-dumped')    remove_dumped=1;    ;;
Roxen.git/server/start:581:    simplify debugging of Roxen modules.       .B--module-hot-reload=<module-name>B.    Enable hot reload of .B<module-name>B.. The module    will be reloaded whenever the file is saved.    NOTE! This should ONLY be used in a development    environment. This flag can appear more than once.    .B<module-name>B. is the filename minus the extension    of the module.    +  .B--module-hot-reload-conf=<conf>B. +  Set for which configuration .B--module-hot-reloadB. +  should be applied. By default all module instances +  in all configurations will be hot-reloaded. +     .B--mysql-log-queriesB.: Instruct the MySQL server to log all    queries so that they end up in the Roxen    debug log.       .B--fd-debugB.: Enable FD debug.       .B--dump-debugB.: Enable dump debug.       .B--trussB.: (Solaris only). Run the server under    truss, shows .BallB. system calls. This is
Roxen.git/server/start:1143:   trap signal_exit 2 15   trap "" 1      if [ "$program" = "base_server/roxenloader.pike" ] ; then    # Starting a Roxen server. Fix the pid file.    [ -z "$pidfile" ] && pidfile="${ROXEN_PID_FILE:-$DIR/_roxen_pid}"    pass="$pass --pid-file='`echo \"$pidfile\" | sed -e \"s/'/'\\\"'\\\"'/g\"`'"    if [ "x$module_hot_reload" != "x" ]; then    pass="$pass --module-hot-reload=\"$module_hot_reload\""    fi +  if [ "x$module_hot_reload_conf" != "x" ]; then +  pass="$pass --module-hot-reload-conf=\"$module_hot_reload_conf\"" +  fi    # Check for stop.    if [ "$stop"x != x ]    then    if [ -f "$pidfile" ]; then    if read roxenpid && read scriptpid; then    problems=""    # NB: No need to shut down the start-script    # if we're going to do a restart.    if [ "$start"x = x -a "$stop" = "TERM" ]; then    if stop_roxen "$scriptpid" "TERM" "start" "$canonicalconf" "start script"; then