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Roxen.git/server/start:1:   #!/bin/sh   # - # $Id: start,v 1.103 2000/03/24 20:17:12 grubba Exp $ + # $Id: start,v 1.104 2000/03/28 21:09:38 jhs Exp $      pre="`echo \" $$ \" | sed -e 's/\(.........\)\(.*\)/\1/g'` :"      cd `dirname $0`      # Can be set with '--config-dir=DIR'   DIR=../configurations/   LOGDIR=../logs/   FILES="default"   program=base_server/roxenloader.pike
Roxen.git/server/start:228:    .B--with-threadsB.: If threads are available, use them.       .B--without-threadsB.: Even if threads are enabled by default,    disable them.       .B--with-profileB.: Store runtime profiling information on    a directory basis. This information is    not saved on permanent storage, it is only    available until the next server restart    This will enable a new 'action' in the -  configuration interface +  administration interface       .B--with-file-profileB.: Like .B--with-profileB., but save information    for each and every file.       .B--with-keep-aliveB.: Enable keep alive in the HTTP    protocol module. This is the default.    Some clients might have problems    with keep-alive.       .B--without-keep-aliveB.: Disable keep alive in the HTTP
Roxen.git/server/start:325:    .B-tB.: Turn on Pike level tracing.       .B-t<level>B.: Turn on more Pike tracing. This only    works if Pike is compiled with debug.       .B-wB.: Turn on Pike warnings.       .BEnvironment variables:B.       .BLANGB.: Used to determine the default locale -  in the configuration interface and logs. +  in the administration interface and logs.    .BROXEN_CONFIGDIRB.: Same as .B--config-dir=... B.    .BROXEN_PID_FILEB.: Same as .B--pid-file=... B.    .BROXEN_LANGB.: The default language for all language    related tags. Defaults to 'en' for english.      EOF    tput 'rmso' 2>/dev/null    exit 0    ;;    *)
Roxen.git/server/start:527:      if [ -z "$once" ] ; then    if [ $verbose -gt 0 ]; then    echo "$pre" Starting the Roxen World Wide Web server.    else :; fi    ./mkdir -p $LOGDIR/debug/       if [ $verbose -gt 0 ]; then    cat << oo   Using configuration from $DIR, storing the debug log in $LOGDIR/debug/$FILES.1 - You can use the configuration interface in the server to get debug info. + You can use the administration interface in the server to get debug info.   oo    else :; fi       # Try to get rid of some fd's.    # Some /bin/sh's have problems detaching otherwise.       exec >/dev/null    exec </dev/null       if ((while : ; do