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Roxen.git/server/start:1:   #!/bin/sh   # - # $Id: start,v 1.145 2001/01/19 18:31:25 per Exp $ + # $Id: start,v 1.146 2001/01/31 04:26:18 per Exp $      ### If --silent-start is given as the first argument,   ### nothing will be printed to stdout by the script.      if [ "x$1" = "x--silent-start" ] ; then    SILENT_START="y"    shift   fi      check_owner() {
Roxen.git/server/start:227:    if [ -f base_server/roxen.pike ]; then    echo "Roxen WebServer `roxen_version`"    exit 0    else    echo 'base_server/roxen.pike not found!'    exit 1    fi    ;;    '--self-test')    DEFINES="-DRUN_SELF_TEST $DEFINES" -  rm -f "$VARDIR""test_config"/* 2>/dev/null +  # Kill roxen mysql if it's running... +  if [ -f ${VARDIR}test_config/_mysql/mysql_pid ] ; then +  kill `cat ${VARDIR}test_config/_mysql/mysql_pid` +  fi +  rm -rf "$VARDIR""test_config"*    cp -R etc/roxen_test/test_config $VARDIR    cp etc/roxen_test/filesystem/test_rxml_package rxml_packages/test_rxml_package    DIR="$VARDIR""test_config"    once=1    remove_dumped=1    ;;    '--help'|'-?')    sed -e "s/\\.B/`tput 'bold' 2>/dev/null`/g" -e "s/B\\./`tput 'sgr0' 2>/dev/null`/g" << EOF   .BThis command will start the Roxen WebServerB..   
Roxen.git/server/start:288:    a directory basis. This information is    not saved on permanent storage, it is only    available until the next server restart    This will enable a new 'action' in the    administration interface       .B--with-file-profileB.: Like .B--with-profileB., but save information    for each and every file.       .B--self-testB.: Runs a testsuite. +  WARNING: This will kill any running +  roxen_mysql processes       .B--onceB.: Run the server only once, in the foreground.    This is very useful when debugging.       .B--gdbB.: Run the server in gdb. Implies .B--onceB..       .B--programB.: Start a different program with the roxen    Pike. As an example,    .B./start --program bin/install.pikeB. will    start the installation program normally