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Roxen.git/server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:286:   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="37">   <o>version</o>   <t>verze</t>   </str>      <str id="38">   <new/> - <o>Backend thread</o> + <o>backend thread</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="39">   <o>Thread</o>   <t>Vlákna</t>   </str>      <str id="16">   <new/>
Roxen.git/server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:831:   </str>      <str id="40">   <new/>   <o>In order to use the SSL on your server, you first have to create a random key pair. One part of the key is kept secret. </o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="41">   <new/> - <o>Change roxen version...</o> + <o>Change Roxen version...</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="42">   <changed from="Indeed"/> - <o>If you have more than one roxen version installed + <o>If you have more than one Roxen version installed   in the same location, you can use this action to   change the currently running version.</o>   <t>Souhlasím</t>   </str>      <str id="43">   <o>1 month</o>   <t>1 mìsíc</t>   </str>   
Roxen.git/server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:994:   <new/>   <o>Site template created successfully.</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="153">   <new/>   <o>Ok</o>   <t></t>   </str> +  + <str id="154"> + <new/> + <o>Note that the server will be automatically restarted with the new version.</o> + <t></t> + </str> +  + <str id="155"> + <new/> + <o>Failed to write CSR to %s.</o> + <t></t> + </str>