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Roxen.git/server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:2786:   <str id="511">   <o> The module is locked and not part of the license. To enable this module please select a valid license and restart the server.</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="512">   <o>Content Editor (Instant Edition)</o>   <t></t>   </str>    - <str id="513"> - <o>Content Editor (Advanced Edition)</o> - <t></t> - </str> +     -  +    <str id="514">   <o>Web Developer</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="515">   <o>System Developer (Pike)</o>   <t></t>   </str>   
Roxen.git/server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:2870:      <str id="390">   <o>System Developer (Java)</o>   <t></t>   </str>      <str id="523">   <o>Forum Module</o>   <t></t>   </str> +  + <str id="524"> + <o>Content Editor</o> + <t></t> + </str>