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autodoc.git/autodoc.xml:102314:   </text></group></mapping>   </text></group><group><note/><text><p>As the entire output of stderr and stdout is stored in the    returned mapping it could potentially grow until memory runs out.    It is therefore advisable to set up rlimits if the output has a    potential to be very large, or else provide functions to handle    partial data.</p>   </text></group><group><example/><text><p> ({ "ls", "-l" }) ); ({ "ls", "-l" }), ([ "cwd":"/etc" ]) ); "ls -l" ); "awk -F: '{print $2}'", ([ "stdin":"foo:2\nbar:17\n" ]) ); - ({ "echo Output will be immediately written to stdour" }), + ({ "echo Output will be immediately written to stdout" }),    ([ "stdout": lambda(string s) { write(s); },    "stderr": lambda(string e) { werror(e); } ]) );</p>   </text></group></doc>   <docgroup homogen-name='daemon' homogen-type='method'><doc><text><p>A function to run current program in the background.</p>   </text><group><param name='nochdir'/><text><p>If 0 the process will continue to run in / or the directory    dictadet by modifiers.</p>   </text></group><group><param name='noclose'/><text><p>If this is not 0 the process will keep current file descriptors    open.</p>   </text></group><group><param name='modifiers'/><text><p>Optional extra arguments. The parameters passed in this mapping    will override the arguments nochdir and noclose.</p>