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autodoc.git/modref/ex/0.6_3A_3A.html:57:    border="0" alt="next"    ></a>    </div>    </nav>    </div>    <div class="contentbox">    <article>    <h1>Namespace 0.6::</h1>      <dt class='head--doc'>Inheritance graph</dt> - <div class='inheritance-graph'><svg xmlns='' version='1.1' xmlns:xlink='' xml:space='preserve' width='100%' height='145px'> - <text x='0' y='20'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='predef_3A_3A.html'>predef::</a></text> + <div class='inheritance-graph'><svg xmlns='' version='1.1' xmlns:xlink='' xml:space='preserve' width='100%' height='165px'> + <text x='0' y='20'><tspan style='font-family:monospace;'>Hash::State</tspan></text>   <line x1='4' y1='35' x2='35' y2='35' />   <line x1='5' y1='25' x2='5' y2='36' /> - <text x='40' y='40'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.8_3A_3A.html'>7.8::</a></text> + <text x='40' y='40'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='predef_3A_3A.html'>predef::</a></text>   <line x1='44' y1='55' x2='75' y2='55' />   <line x1='45' y1='45' x2='45' y2='56' /> - <text x='80' y='60'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.6_3A_3A.html'>7.6::</a></text> + <text x='80' y='60'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.8_3A_3A.html'>7.8::</a></text>   <line x1='84' y1='75' x2='115' y2='75' />   <line x1='85' y1='65' x2='85' y2='76' /> - <text x='120' y='80'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.4_3A_3A.html'>7.4::</a></text> + <text x='120' y='80'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.6_3A_3A.html'>7.6::</a></text>   <line x1='124' y1='95' x2='155' y2='95' />   <line x1='125' y1='85' x2='125' y2='96' /> - <text x='160' y='100'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.2_3A_3A.html'>7.2::</a></text> + <text x='160' y='100'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.4_3A_3A.html'>7.4::</a></text>   <line x1='164' y1='115' x2='195' y2='115' />   <line x1='165' y1='105' x2='165' y2='116' /> - <text x='200' y='120'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.0_3A_3A.html'>7.0::</a></text> + <text x='200' y='120'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.2_3A_3A.html'>7.2::</a></text>   <line x1='204' y1='135' x2='235' y2='135' />   <line x1='205' y1='125' x2='205' y2='136' /> - <text x='240' y='140'><tspan style='font-family:monospace; font-weight:bold;'>0.6::</tspan></text> + <text x='240' y='140'><a class='ms reference' xlink:href='7.0_3A_3A.html'>7.0::</a></text> + <line x1='244' y1='155' x2='275' y2='155' /> + <line x1='245' y1='145' x2='245' y2='156' /> + <text x='280' y='160'><tspan style='font-family:monospace; font-weight:bold;'>0.6::</tspan></text>   </svg></div>   <dl class='group--doc'>   <dt class='head--doc'>Description</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p>Pike 0.6 compatibility.</p>   <p> The symbols in this namespace will appear in    programs that use <tt>#pike 0.6</tt> or lower.</p>   </dd>   <dt class='head--doc'>See also</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p><a class='ms reference' href='7.0_3A_3A.html'>7.0::</a></p>   </dd></dl>