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autodoc.git/modref/ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23_7B_23_7D.html:69:      <dt class='head--doc'>Description</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p>If a string literal is opened with <tt>#(</tt> all subsequent    characters until the closing <tt>#)</tt> will be treated as    literals, including newlines, <tt>\</tt>, <tt>"</tt> and <tt>'</tt>.</p>   <p> There are three different pairs of start/end tokens for this    type of literals, #( and #), #[ and #], and #{ and #}.</p>   </dd>   <dt class='head--doc'>Example</dt>   <dd class='example'><pre><p><code class='expr'>#["\n\'##]</code> is equivalent to <code class='expr'>"\"\\n\\'#"</code>.</p> - <p> The preprocessor directive <a class='ms reference' href='../cpp_3A_3A.html'>#string</a> will load the file in the -  string that follows and insert its contents as a string. This -  preprocessor directive may appear anywhere a string may appear.</p> - </pre></dd> - <dt class='head--doc'>Example</dt> - <dd class='example'><pre><pre><code>do_something<span class='delim'>(</span>#<span class='type'>string</span> <span class='string'>"the_file.wks"</span> - <span class='delim'>)</span><span class='delim'>;</span> - </code></pre> - </pre></dd> - <dt class='head--doc'>See also</dt> - <dd class='body--doc'><p><a class='ms reference' href='../cpp_3A_3A.html'>#include</a></p> - </dd></dl> + </pre></dd></dl>       </article>    </div>    </div>    </div>    <footer>    <div id="build-date">Extracted from <strong data-id="version"></strong> as of <strong data-id="date"></strong>.</div>    </footer>    <script>PikeDoc.current = {"link":"ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23_7B_23_7D.html","name":"#{#}"};</script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/index.js'></script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/load_index.js'></script>    <script>    // Tell PikeDoc that next actions are from loaded scripts    PikeDoc.isInline = false;    </script>    </body>   </html>