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autodoc.git/modref/ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23define.html:96:   </p>   <p>Define also has the capability to use arguments, thus a line like   </p>   <p><dl class='group--doc'><dd>#define &lt;identifier&gt;(arg1, arg2) &lt;replacement string&gt;<br />   </dd>   </dl>   </p>   <p>would cause identifer to be a macro. All occurances of   'identifier(something1,something2d)' would be replaced with   the replacement string. And in the replacement string, arg1 and arg2 - will be replaced with something1 and something2. + will be replaced with something1 and something2.</p> + </dd> + <dt class='head--doc'>Bugs</dt> + <dd class='body--doc'> + <p>Note that it is not a good idea to do something like this:   </p> -  + <p>#define foo bar // a comment + </p> + <p>The comment will be included in the define, and thus inserted in the + code. This will have the effect that the rest of the line will be + ignored when the word foo is used. Not exactly what you might expect. + </p> + <p></p>   </dd></dl>          <hr size='1' noshade='1' />    </td>    </tr>   </table>   </body>   <script>PikeDoc.current = {"link":"ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23define.html","name":"#define"};</script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/index.js'></script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/load_index.js'></script>   </html>