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autodoc.git/modref/ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23pragma.html:72:   <dd><p><code class='directive'>#pragma</code></p></dd>      <dt class='head--doc'>Description</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p>This is a generic directive for flags to the compiler.</p>   <p> These are some of the flags that are available:</p>   <table class='box'><tr><td><code><code class='key'>"all_inline"</code></code></td><td><p>This is the same as adding the modifier <tt>inline</tt>    to all functions that follow.</p>   </td></tr>   <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"all_final"</code></code></td><td><p>Instructs the compiler to mark all symbols as <tt>final</tt>.</p>   </td></tr> + <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"deprecation_warnings"</code></code></td><td><p>Enable warnings for use of deprecated symbols (default).</p> + </td></tr> + <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"no_deprecation_warnings"</code></code></td><td><p>Disable warnings for use of deprecated symbols. This is +  typically used in code that implements the deprecated +  symbols.</p> + </td></tr>   <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"save_parent"</code></code></td><td><p>Cause nested classes to save a reference to their    surrounding class even if not strictly needed.</p>   </td></tr>   <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"dont_save_parent"</code></code></td><td><p>Inverse of <tt>"save_parent"</tt>. This is needed to override    if the global symbol <code class='reference unresolved'>__pragma_save_parent__</code>    has been set.</p>   </td></tr>   <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"strict_types"</code></code></td><td><p>Enable warnings for all cases where the compiler    isn't certain that the types are correct.</p>   </td></tr> -  + <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"disassemble"</code></code></td><td><p>Enable disassembly output for the code being compiled. +  Note that this option essentially has a function-level +  scope, so enabling it for just a few lines is usually +  a noop. This is similar to <code class='reference unresolved'>Debug.assembler_debug()</code> +  level <code class='expr'>3</code>. Note that this <tt>#pragma</tt> is a noop +  if Pike hasn't been compiled <tt>--with-debug</tt>.</p> + </td></tr> + <tr><td><code><code class='key'>"no_disassemble"</code></code></td><td><p>Disable disassembly output (default).</p> + </td></tr>   </table></dd></dl>       </article>    <footer>    <hr size="1" noshade="1" />    </footer>    </div>    </div>    </body>   <script>PikeDoc.current = {"link":"ex/cpp_3A_3A/_23pragma.html","name":"#pragma"};</script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/index.js'></script>   <script src='../../ex/cpp_3A_3A/load_index.js'></script>   </html>