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autodoc.git/onepage.xml:1:   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> - <manual time-stamp='2022-11-05' version='Pike v8.1.18'> + <manual time-stamp='2022-11-05' version='Pike v8.1.19'>    <dir name='./onepage'>    <file name='./onepage/manual.html'>    <chapter number='1' title='Control Structures'>      <p>In this chapter all the control structures in Pike will be   explained. Control structures are used to control the flow of the   program execution. Note that functions that make the program pause and   simple function calls are not qualified as control structures.</p>      <section number='1' title='Conditions'>
autodoc.git/onepage.xml:114:    break;       case constant2:    statement2;    break;       case constant3 .. constant4:    statement3;    break;    -  case constant5 +  case constant5:    case constant6:    statement4;    // Fallthrough       default:    statement5;   }   </example>      <p>As you can see, a switch statement is a bit more complicated than an