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autodoc.git/traditional_manual/chapter_21.html:276:   the Pike entities (modules, classes, variables etc.) that the doc   block is documenting. The target of a doc comment is the coherent   block of declarations adjacent to (immediately before or after) it in   the code, without intervening blank lines. Examples:</p><p></p><pre>    //! Doc for alpha    int alpha()    {    return 4711;    }    -  static int undocumented; +  protected int undocumented;       //! Error! This doc block has no destination!       int beta;    //! Doc for beta       //! Doc for gamma, delta, and epsilon    int gamma, delta;    float epsilon;   
autodoc.git/traditional_manual/chapter_21.html:682:    &lt;method&gt;    &lt;modifier&gt;    &lt;module&gt;    &lt;typedef&gt;    &lt;variable&gt;      The names speak for themselves, except: &lt;modifier&gt; which is used for modifier   ranges:       //! Some variables: -  static nomask { +  protected final {    int x, y;       string n;    }      A Pike entity may also have the following properties:       Name - Given as a name="..." attribute:    &lt;variable name="i"&gt; ... &lt;/variable&gt;       Modifiers - Given as a child element &lt;modifiers&gt;:    &lt;variable name="i"&gt;    &lt;modifiers&gt; -  &lt;optional/&gt;&lt;static/&gt;&lt;private/&gt; +  &lt;optional/&gt;&lt;protected/&gt;&lt;private/&gt;    &lt;/modifiers&gt;    ...    &lt;/variable&gt;    If there are no modifiers before the declaration of the entity, the    &lt;modifiers&gt; element can be omitted.       Source position - Given as a child element &lt;source-position&gt;:    &lt;variable name="i"&gt;    &lt;source-position file="/home/rolf/hejhopp.pike" first-line="12"/&gt;    &lt;modifiers&gt; -  &lt;optional/&gt;&lt;static/&gt;&lt;private/&gt; +  &lt;optional/&gt;&lt;protected/&gt;&lt;private/&gt;    &lt;/modifiers&gt;    ...    &lt;/variable&gt;    The source position is the place in the code tree where the entity is    declared or defined. For a method, the attribute last-line="..." can be    added to &lt;source-position&gt; to give the range of lines that the method    body spans in the source code.      And then there are some things that are specific to each of the types of   entities: