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autodoc.git/traditional_manual/chapter_9.html:5140:   </dd>   <dt class='head--doc'>Note</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p>This function could possibly throw an out-of-memory error    if the realloc fails to find a new (smaller) memory area.</p>   </dd></dl>         <hr />   <dl class='group--doc'>   <dt class='head--type'><span class='homogen--type'>Method</span> + <span class='homogen--name'><b>try_output</b></span> + </dt> + <dd><p><code><code class='datatype'>int(-1..)</code> <b><span class='method'>try_output</span>(</b><b>)</b></code></p></dd> +  + <dt class='head--doc'>Description</dt> + <dd class='body--doc'><p>Try to write some data from the buffer to the file +  registered with <code>__fd_set_output()</code>.</p> + <p> This is typically called from backend callbacks when it +  seems that it is possible to write some data to the file.</p> + </dd> + <dt class='head--doc'>Returns</dt> + <dd class='body--doc'><p>Returns <code class='expr'>-1</code> on write error, and otherwise +  the number of bytes written to the file.</p> + </dd> + <dt class='head--doc'>See also</dt> + <dd class='body--doc'><p><code>__fd_set_output()</code></p> + </dd></dl> +  +  + <hr /> + <dl class='group--doc'> + <dt class='head--type'><span class='homogen--type'>Method</span>   <span class='homogen--name'><b>try_read</b></span>   </dt>   <dd><p><code><code class='datatype'>string(8bit)</code> <b><span class='method'>try_read</span>(</b><code class='datatype'>int</code> <code class='argument'>len</code><b>)</b></code></p></dd>      <dt class='head--doc'>Description</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p>Attempt to read some data from the buffer.</p>   </dd>   <dt class='head--doc'><span id='p-len'></span>Parameter <code class='parameter'>len</code></dt>   <dd></dd><dd class='body--doc'><p>Read at most <code>len</code> bytes from the buffer.</p>   </dd>