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pike.git/.how_to_build_from_scratch:1:   Glad you found this file :)      The toplevel makefile (in this directory, not the src directory)   has all the magic you need to build pike directly from CVS. Just   type 'make'.      You will need autoconf, automake, gnu m4, bison, a C compiler   and the GMP library. You probably also want to use GNU make and   libz.    +  +  +  +  +  +    If that doesn't work, or you like making things difficult for yourself,   try the Old instructions:      After checking out the files from CVS you will notice that some files   are missing compared to a regular distribution... To bootstrap your   Pike development environment you must do the following steps:      1) cd src ; ./run_autoconfig    This creates configure files and Makefile.in files.