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pike.git/.how_to_build_from_scratch:1: + Glad you found this file :)    -  + After checking out the files from CVS you will notice that some files + are missing compared to a regular distribution... To bootstrap your + Pike development environment you must ddo the following steps: +  + 1) cd src ; ./run_autoconfig +  This creates configure files and Makefile.in files. +  + 2) Create a build directory an cd to it +  Do not build in the source dir, doing so will make it impossible +  to do 'make export' later. +  + 3) run the newly created configure file located in the src dir from the +  build dir. Make sure to use an absolute path! +  This creates the Makefiles you need. +  If you don't use an absolute path the debug information will +  be all warped... +  + 4) 'make depend' +  This updates all the Makefile.in files in the source dir to +  contain the correct dependencies +  + 5) run configure again +  This updates your Makefiles to include the dependencies. +  The config.cache file will make this a lot faster. +  + 6) If needed, modify your Makefile +  + 7) 'make' +  This builds pike.   Newline at end of file added.