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pike.git/.how_to_build_from_scratch:1:   Glad you found this file :)    + The toplevel makefile (in this directory, not the src directory) + has all the magic you need to build pike directly from CVS. Just + type 'make'. +  + You will need autoconf, automake, gnu m4, bison, a C compiler + and the GMP library. You probably also want to use GNU make and + libz. +  + If that doesn't work, or you like making things difficult for yourself, + try the Old instructions: +    After checking out the files from CVS you will notice that some files   are missing compared to a regular distribution... To bootstrap your   Pike development environment you must do the following steps:      1) cd src ; ./run_autoconfig    This creates configure files and Makefile.in files.      2) Create a build directory an cd to it    Do NOT build in the source dir, doing so will make it impossible    to do 'make export' later.