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pike.git/ANNOUNCE:1: - Pike 0.6 BETA + Pike 7.1 developer version    - Pike 0.6 BETA is now available for public beta testing, though - unfortunately it is not quite complete. Due to Swedish export - restrictions we are unable to supply the cryptographic toolkit and the - full library of algorithms. -  - Pike version 0.6 BETA does not come with a manual yet, there is a manual - for Pike 0.5, which will be updated to cover all new features in 0.6 as - soon as possible. There are many changes from Pike 0.5 to Pike 0.6, but - here are some of the most important ones you should be aware of: -  -  o The compiler is now two-pass, which means that you can access -  variables and functions declared later in the source without -  having to use prototypes. The two-pass compiler also makes -  it possible to use the name of a class from inside itself. -  -  o It is now possible to access variables and functions in the -  'parent' class. This greatly simplifies coding in many -  situations. -  -  o The process handling has been changed to being object- -  oriented. For this purpose, a new function has been created: -  Process.create_process. The returned object can be used -  as an argument to kill, and has methods which will report -  the status of the child process. -  -  o Similar to process handling, threads have been changed to use -  an object-oriented approach. -  -  o The 'varargs' keyword has been removed. -  -  o You can now 'import "dirname"'. -  -  o The module system has been modified so that the current -  directory is no longer searched for modules. To use a module -  in the current directory, you must either use 'import "."' -  or specify the module as '.module' instead of just 'module'. -  -  o Lots of bugs have been fixed. :) -  -  o Implicit blocks have been implemented around if, switch, for, -  do-while and foreach, this means that the scope of variables -  such as 'x' in 'if(string x)' ends after the if construct. -  -  o popen, system and spawn in the Process module have been changed -  to *NOT* execute /bin/sh on the given string. This is to ensure -  compatibility with Win32 systems. -  -  +    While still young, Pike matured over the last few years, and   development is now co-ordinated by a team at Idonex AB. Pike is still   released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is, and will   continue to be, freely distributed. Briefly, this means that you are   free to use and modify the source code in any way you please, see the   file COPYING for details. Idonex maintains the right to the brand name   and the copyright, guaranteeing that Pike will be continuously   developed and enhanced, and remain free software.      Pike is easily learned, and just as easily used to develop powerful
pike.git/ANNOUNCE:82:    + Object Oriented - Straightforward and powerful object    orientation, including multiple inheritance    + Modular - Extendible with modules written in C or Pike    + Powerful - High-level language, concise code    + Incremental - Allows on-the-fly modifications and recompilations    + Source Code Available - To promote sharing of useful code    + Portable - Platform independent and available on most flavors of Unix    At present the following platforms are supported:       Solaris 2.5 & 2.6 (Sun SPARC & Intel x86) -  Digital UNIX 4.0 -  AIX 4.2.1 +  Tru64 +  AIX 4.3    IRIX 6.3 -  SCO UnixWare -  FreeBSD 2.2.2 +  FreeBSD 4.0    HP-UX 10.20 -  Linux Red Hat 4.2 (Intel x86) +  Linux Red Hat 4.2, 5.2, 6.1 and others (Intel x86)       + Powerful, Flexible and Efficient Data Types    + Automatic Memory Management    + Scalable - as useful for small scripts as for powerful and    complex applications.    + Text Processing - e.g. for filtering    + Exception Handling    + Multi-Threaded Application Development Possible      How Pike relates to other programming languages: