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pike.git/CHANGES:403:    Methods sum(), max(), min(), convolve() and dot_product() added.      o Math.Transforms    Glue for supporting FFT and iFFT via libfftw and librfftw.      o Math    Added the IEEE float constants inf and nan.      o MIME    Added method ext_to_media_type, which returns the MIME media type for -  a given extension +  a given extension.      o Oracle    The Oracle database glue now supports CLOBs and BLOBs.      o Parser    Added a few methods: get_xml_parser, which returns a Parser.HTML    set up to parse XML, parse_html_entities and    decode_numeric_xml_entity, which decode XML and HTML entities    respectively.   
pike.git/CHANGES:546:    The Pike Viewer tool is also accessible via "pike -x pv".      o Web.Crawler    A generic asynchronus web crawler that supports the /robots.txt    standard.         Optimizations:   --------------    + Several general optimizations and tuning of algorithms and + implementations in Pike has been done since Pike 7.2. Much of the work + has been to get an general speed up in the compiler and interpreter, + but some targeted work has also been done to make common code + constructions execute faster. A comparison between Pike 7.2.440 and + Pike 7.4.1 done on an IA32 machine running Red Hat Linux: +  +  Pike 7.2.440 Pike 7.4.1 +  ackermann: 5.98 4.96 +  ary3: 10.60 6.53 +  fibo: 8.64 6.58 +  hash: 5.93 5.13 +  heapsort: 10.88 6.65 +  lists: 7.12 6.20 +  methcall: 8.23 8.45 +  nestedloop: 52.75 11.24 +  objinst: 6.39 5.27 +  random: 7.47 4.64 +  sieve: 10.63 6.72 +  strcat: 3.22 2.25 +  + These tests use standard tests right from The Great Computer Language + Shootout. If the lists test and the strcat tests are slightly modified + to use arrays in the first case and normal strings in the second case, + Pike will yield an even better result. +    o Machine code generation    On systems with IA32, SPARC or PPC32 processors Pike will generate    native machine code as byte code. This byte code can then by    executed directly outside the virtual machine and gives a 30%    performance boost compared to other systems.    - o Computed goto -  FIXME -  +    o Better module dumping -  +  More modules than ever dumps successfully into object files, +  making the Pike startup time less then ever.    - o Overall speed improvements. -  Function calls (new opcodes) -  sprintf -  arrays -  replace -  +    o Deferred backtraces    Most of the information in backtraces are now calculated upon    presenting the backtrace information and not when the backtrace is    generated. This improves the performance of catched errors.    - o Saved 8 bytes per object for objects not using their parent scope +     -  +    Compatibility changes:   ----------------------      The following changes are known to break compatibility. The old   behavior is emulated in the compatibility layer that is activated by   adding the preprocessor directive "#pike 7.2" to your program or by   giving the argument "-V7.2" to the pike executable.      o "global" has become a reserved keyword.