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pike.git/CHANGES:31:   o General cleanup of SSL module.   o Improved Parser.XML.Validating.   o More paranoid checks of image headers when using Image.AVS.   o Fixes to make describe_value work as usual in the free pass of the    gc, so that e.g. sprintf("%O",...) behave well when called from    destroy().   o Fixed truncated field names in ODBC.   o Fixed masking of file positions larger than 2 GiB on 64-bit.   o Fixed low-level parsing of HTTP headers to not reorder the headers.   o Added set_charset and get_charset proxy functions to Sql.Sql. + o Fixed crash that occured when trying to use Postgres callbacks.   o Changed Protocols.HTTP.Query async_close() to care about the value    returned by ponder_answer(). Fixes requests to broken servers that    don't send proper results.   o Fixed bad free_string() in exit_bytecode().   o Fixed an off-by-one crash when drawing alpha boxes all the way to    the bottom of the image.   o Fixed a multiset bug that could cause incorrect multiset sizes.   o Fixed a multiset bug that caused ints to be called as sorting    function when no sorting function was set.   o Fixed hour formatting in Calendar.Time.format_smtp().