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pike.git/CHANGES:726:       The module now also has a much better knowledge of DTDs and DOCTYPEs.      o Postgres       - Extended the SQL query interface to include affected_rows() and    streaming_query() as well as variable bindings.       - Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows.    +  Note: A new native Postgres driver has also been added; see +  Sql.pgsql. +    o Pike       - A new function count_memory() has been added which can calculate    the memory consumed by arbitrary data structures. Useful when    implementing memory caches.       - A new function get_runtime_info() has been added which returns    information about current ABI, if automatic bignums are enabled,    what bytecode method is used, the size of native floats and    integers and the native byte order.
pike.git/CHANGES:935:    accurate error messages under all circumstances, SSL-support,    SQL-injection protection since it will ignore everything after the    first semicolon delimiting the first command in the query, integrated    statistics, _reconnect callback for sessions that use temptables.       Performance tuned, with the helperclass _PGsql.PGsql it currently    is around 21% faster than the old libpq based Postgres driver    for smaller queries; for large bytea blobs and large texts, it    speeds up even more.    -  Support for this driver is indicated by PostgresNative appearing -  in the featurelist, and since it has no library or OS dependencies, -  it will always be available. -  +     This driver serves URLs of the form:    pgsql:// (plain) and pgsqls:// (SSL).    In case the old Postgres driver is disabled, this driver takes    over postgres:// transparently as well.      o SSL       It is now possible to set certificates to SSL connections. Example:       SSL.sslfile ssl_connection(Stdio.File conn, string my_key,