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pike.git/CHANGES:33:       - Allow redirect responses.    - Support --expect option.         Bug fixes   ---------      o Compiler    -  Improved variant robustness. +  - Improved variant robustness.    -  +  - Fixed type leak for getters/setters implemented with +  variant functions. +    o Calendar       - Updated tzdata to 2017c.       - Calendar.TimeRanges.NullTimeRange now has a working __hash().    The expression ([ Calendar.TimeRanges.nulltimerange : 17 ])    no longer gives a backtrace.      o Crypto.CCM       Fixed initialization of the iv.    -  + o Crypto.Hash +  +  Censor the password argument from backtraces in crypt_hash(). +    o Filesystem.Monitor       - Fixed issue with next_poll being set to zero causing polling    every second.       - Fixed indexing the NULL value error when InotifyMonitor was used in    combination with a filter_file() that doesn't accept everything.      o HTTPLoop: