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pike.git/CHANGES:113:    module, where the Image.Image class would occasionally block your view.      o this    Added a magic identifier "this" that can be used instead of    this_object(). Like this_program, it only exists when there's no    other identifier with that name. The primary reason for adding    this magic identifier is to make it possible to address the object    of a surrounding class with Foo::this.      o The Local module +  All Pike modules and classes found in the directory hierarchies +  /usr/local/pike_modules, /opt/pike_modules, /opt/share/pike_modules, +  /usr/local/share/pike_modules, $HOME/pike_modules, and +  $PIKE_LOCAL_PATH (a :-separated list of directories) are available +  with the prefix "Local.". Local.add_path() and Local.remove_path() +  respectively adds and removes entries from the list of paths to +  inspect when resolving Local.* symbols.      o enum reserved      o enum and typedef have implicit local binding      o ::_indices(), ::_values().    There are now two "magic" functions ::_indices() and ::_values()    that can be used by an object to list all identifiers and their    values in itself. They are primarily intended when the _indices()    and _values() lfuns have been defined, to get the default