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pike.git/CHANGES:19:   ------------      o The libpq based old Postgres driver is now deprecated. The new pgsql    driver is faster, better tested, more stable, maintained, has more    features, does not depend on external libraries and is less filling.         Bug fixes   ---------    + o Support undocumented OS behaviour on out-of-band data returning +  EOPNOTSUPP and ECONNRESET when a stream is half closed. +  The undocumented behaviour is found on (at least) 2.6.x Linux +  and FreeBSD 7.x and 8.x. +  + o Use nanosleep() when available instead of poll or select hacks for +  the Pike-level sleep() function. +    o Fixed dangling cache reference in prepared statements when using CREATE    statements via Sql.pgsql.      o Fixed broken autoreconnect logic in Sql.pgsql.      o Improved widestring support for Parser.Tabular.      o Fixed segfault in combine_path_nt on windows when the first char    of an appended path is wide.