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pike.git/CHANGES:35:   o ** operator added. It's exponentiation and works with most    combination of numerical types (int,float,Gmp.mpq,Gmp.mpf,Gmp.mpz)       `** and ``** operator overloading functions added.       This introduces one incompatible change: Previously the "pow"    function called a "_pow" function in the first argument if it was an    object. It has now been changed to also use `** (or, rather, pow()    is now implemented using predef::`**()).    + o Three pass compiler. +  +  An extra pass of the compiler has been added. It is used to properly +  resolve types in forward referring expressions, and is only run when +  needed. +    o #pragma disassemble       This directive is now available even in pikes compiled --without-debug.       The byte code output is now interleaved with the generated machine code    on selected architectures.      o Complain about redundant backslash escapes.      o '__weak__' modifier added.       It is now possible to declare object variables to have weak references.      o Support for arguments to implicit lambdas added.       Implicit lambdas now behave as if they were declared as    lambda(mixed ... __ARGS__).    -  +  Support for this feature can be detected with #ifdef __ARGS__. +    o Function local function declarations are now statements    (and not expressions). This means that there is no longer    any need to terminate them with a semicolon.    -  + o Anonymous class definitions are now always expressions. +  + o Function local class definitions are now statements +  (and not expressions). This means that there is no longer +  any need to terminate them with a semicolon. +    o Complain about shadowed variant functions.      o Machine code support for more architectures.       There's now machine code support for arm32 and arm64.      o Fixed multiple integer over- and underflow bugs.      o Extended sscanf %O       sscanf() is now able to parse all base types that sprintf %O can    output. It can now also parse most literal constants pike accepts,    including integers prefixed with 0x and 0b, and floating point    numbers in scientific notation.    -  + o Returning void    -  +  It is now possible to return void responses from void functions. +  +  void a() { return; } +  void b() { return a(); } +  + o Protocols.DNS now supports encoding and decoding CAA RRs. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Operator functions       Calling operator functions with more than two arguments will now    work correctly for objects, where previously only the first two    objects where added.       When adding arrays, multisets and mappings, UNDEFINED will now    always be ignored. Previously it was only ignored when first in the    argument list, otherwise an exception would be thrown.       The LFUNs will now be called with a consistent number of    arguments. Pike implementations rarely implemented varargs on    operator LFUNs, so this change should address many potential hidden    errors.    -  + o Protocols.HTTP.Server    -  +  The server module will now read payloads for HTTP PUT requests, just +  as any other method. Previously it would stop reading the body and +  it was up to the caller to read enough data from the socket and +  combine with already read data. +  +  Setting "connection" header in the "extra_heads" to Request object +  method response_and_finish() will now control if keep-alive should be +  used or not. Otherwise it will be decided by the clients request +  headers, as previously. +  +  The headers "content-type", "content-range", "content-length", +  "server", "date" and "last-modified" will not be added or +  overwritten if provided in the "extra_heads". +  +  Header names in "extra_heads" will not have their case modified. +  +    Incompatible changes   --------------------    -  + o Sql.Sql is no longer a wrapper class, but a function. +  +  The wrapper class has been obsoleted by introduction of the +  new base class __builtin.Sql.Connection. Note that it is +  still possible to use Sql.Sql as the type of connection objects. +    o Gz.crc32 and Nettle.crc32c now only return positive results.      o glob() has changed.       The main incompatibilities are that [ and \ are now special    characters in the pattern, and if you check the return value against    1 instead of checking if it's true, and use an array as the first    argument you will have to change your code.       This is in order to extend the glob function to cover what
pike.git/CHANGES:129:      o Stdio.UDP()->send() no longer throws errors on EMSGSIZE and EWOULDBLOCK.      o If a thread exits with by throwing, the thrown value is propagated to wait().      o String.trim_all_whites() renamed String.trim().      o Floats are no longer by default sorted before added. This may reduce    the precision but increases the speed of adding large number of    floats by a factor of 500. Applications handling floats with large -  differences in magnitude need to apply the appropritate sorting +  differences in magnitude need to apply the appropriate sorting    before arithmetics. As `+ was the only operator that performed    sorting, and functions like Array.sum did not, this was already a    concern.      o Returning UNDEFINED from `+ and ``+ is not allowed and will cause an    exception.    -  + o RegGetValue(), RegGetKeyNames(), RegGetKeyValues(), openlog(), +  syslog() and closelog() have been moved to System.    -  +    New modules   -----------      o ADT.Scheduler & ADT.TreeScheduler       These are variants of ADT.Heap where elements typically aren't    removed from the heap.      o Apple.Keychain       Parser for Apple Keychain format files (like the ones in    /System/Library/Keychains/).      o __builtin.Sql       Generic base classes for Sql API modules.    - o CompilerEnvironment()->lock() -  -  Access to the compiler lock. -  - o Crypto.ECC.Curve.Point -  -  A point on an ECC curve. -  +    o Filesystem.Zip   o Function.bind()       Partially evaluate a function. Similar to Function.curry, but with    better granularity.      o Standards.HPack (RFC 7541)   o Stdio.FakePipe       A simulated Stdio.Pipe.      o Parser.Markdown    - o Concurrent.Future and Concurrent.Promise -  -  These are used to simplify handling of asynchronous results. -  +    o Crypto.Checksum       This module collect non-cryptographic checksums. Support for crc32,    adler32 and Castagnoli CRC (CRC32C).       NB: In the future these may be amended to support the Crypto.Hash API.    -  + o Parser.ECMAScript +  +  This module simply provides a token splitter for +  ECMAScript/JavaScript. +    o Web.EngineIO & Web.SocketIO   o Protocols.HTTP2   o Bittorrent.DHT   o Standards.MsgPack   o Web.Auth & Web.Api         New features   ------------    -  + o predef::equal() +  +  equal() on functions now checks if their definitions are same identifier +  in the same program. +    o predef::gc()       gc() called with a weak mapping as argument now removes weak references    that are only held by that mapping.      o ADT.Heap       - An indirection object ADT.Heap.Element has been added to make it    possible to optimize several heap operations.   
pike.git/CHANGES:240:    Some low-level API support has been added to the Crypto and Web    modules to support parts of RFC 7515 - 7520.      o MasterObject       - Protect against the same file being compiled concurrently    in multiple threads.       - cast_to_program() and cast_to_object() should now be thread safe.    + o CompilerEnvironment()->lock() +  +  Access to the compiler lock. +  + o Crypto.ECC.Curve.Point +  +  A point on an ECC curve. +    o Parser.Pike       Support new language features.    -  + o Protocols.DNS.server +  +  Derived classes can now override report_decode_error() and +  handle_decode_error() to change how errors while decoding a DNS +  packet are reported and handled. +    o Protocols.WebSocket       Multiple API changes.      o Random rewrite       The random functions have been rewritten to ensure security by    default. random_string() and random() now get their data directly    from the operating system random generator, i.e. /dev/urandom on    most unixen. This is about half the speed compared with the
pike.git/CHANGES:361:    Support PKCS#8 private keys.      o String.Buffer & Stdio.Buffer       Added _search().      o The self testing framework now supports *.test-files.      o Thread    -  _sprintf() improvements: Thread.Mutex now prints the ID of the thread +  - _sprintf() improvements: Thread.Mutex now prints the ID of the thread    holding the lock, and thread IDs are shown as hexadecimal numbers.    - o Unicode 8.0.0. +  - Thread.Farm now supports a callback for thread creation and termination +  for the purpose of tracking thread names.    -  + o sprintf %x +  +  %X and %x can now be used on 8-bit wide strings to get a hexadecimal +  representation of their contents. Just calling sprintf("%x",data) is +  the same as calling String.string2hex(data). +  + o Unicode 10.0.0. +    o Unicode.is_whitespace()       This new function returns if a unicode character is a whitespace    characer or not.         Deprecated symbols and modules   ------------------------------      o Sql.mysql_result and Sql.mysqls_result have been deprecated.
pike.git/CHANGES:419:   o The preprocessor has been converted into a cmod, and been modified    to use more standard Pike datatypes.      o The preprocessor-specific hashtable implementation has been removed.      o The gdb_backtraces() function is now available also --without-debug.      o There's now support to block mapping hashtables from being shrunk    on map_delete().    + o guaranteed_memset() is replaced with secure_zero() which fills a +  buffer with zero. On x86 SSE2 is used to zero the memory without +  loading it into the CPU cache, as this function is typically used +  before calling free() on memory with cryptographic key data.    -  +    Documentation   -------------      o RFC references added.      o Character encoding issues fixed.      o Added @enum/@endenum markup.      o Support undocumented enums with documented constants.
pike.git/CHANGES:441:      Building and installing   -----------------------      o GMP 4.1 or later is now required.      o C99 assumed       The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C99    anymore and C99 compiler support is assumed. +  + Optimizations + ------------- +  + o Removed the GC marker hash table. For types which require GC markers, +  they are now allocated as parf of the data type. This significantly +  improves GC performance ( up to a factor if 2 in some situations ).