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pike.git/CHANGES:38:    - Make sure huge queries are not fully loaded into memory.      o Sql.Sql       Make big_typed_query() gracefully fallback to big_query().      o SSL.File       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.    + o Stdio.File [NT] +  +  A major clean-up and consistency improvment of the I/O layer on NT. +  +  - All filesystem paths are now encoded in UTF-8 from Pike-code's +  point of view. Previously this was a mix of Latin-1 and UTF-16, +  with some stuff affected by the filesystem default character set. +  +  This makes the entire filesystem accessible from Pike-code. +  +  This new behavior can be detected by the presence of the constant +  Stdio.__HAVE_UTF8_FS__. +  +  - Added new low-level fd handling functions. +  +  This should fix several potential race-conditions in the +  I/O layer on NT. +    o Stdio.Terminfo       Support the new terminfo format from ncurses 6.      o Thread.ResourceCount       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o Tools.Standalone.check_http   
pike.git/CHANGES:226:   o mktime/System.TM       - Make timezone management consistent (especially UTC handling).       - Fix memory leak in strftime().      o Standards.IIM       Disabled debug output for unknown segment markers.    - o Stdio.send_file + o Stdio    -  +  - Restore the FD_SETSIZE on NT to 65536. +  +  Due to #include file restructuring, the FD_SETSIZE value on +  NT had fallen back to the default (64). This issue has probably +  affected all releases of Pike since 7.9.2. +  +  - mv() [NT] +  +  Fixed single byte buffer overrun in mv() on NT. +  +  A NUL-terminator was written outside a malloced buffer. This +  caused intermittent crashes after unusual use of mv(). +  +  Fixes the crash in [PIKE-90]. +  +  - send_file() +     Improved support for TLS/SSL; wait for TLS handshake to complete    before calling the sendfile done callback when sending an empty    string. This fixes the issue where the connection got closed    before TLS handshaking was completed, confusing the other side.      o Image       Creating images with mode "grey" now works as documented,    e.g. Image.Image(10,10,"grey",123);